Floral Beauties

Welcome to The first Treasure Box post.
This week's finds for the Treasure Box are a few elegant examples of the use of floral work in designs. Enjoy and feel free to tell me your favourite or show me your finds!

Yay Festival 2012, Snask

When putting this collection together my thoughts immediately went to this grungy piece by the Swedish design agency, Snask. The combination of the dark and delicate floral collage with the stark white, rough hand scrawled lettering really challenged my perception of what makes for a good event advertisement.  

watercolor blossoms wallpaper.jpg


Watercolor Blossoms, Dreamwall

This piece is fun and feminine. While there is a bit going on, its minimal palette keeps it from looking "too busy".

I can't get enough of that armchair either.


Wildflower Floralia, Venamour

Venamour make some beautiful things and this is a perfect example. It's modern, simple and I'm a real fan of their use of negative space. I also feel like their choice of font has pulled the whole piece back from looking too feminine

venamour invitations.jpg
Anne Ten Donkelaar.jpg


Flower construction #67, Anne Ten Donkelaar

I've only recently discovered Anne's work. This artist from The Netherlands uses pressed flowers, cut images, butterfly wings and array of found pieces to put together these magnificent pinned creations. 

This piece won me over with the little green Paphiopedilum at the top.