Funeral Service Books

We believe service booklets are one of the most important services we offer.
There is often only a short time frame to work with and creating a tribute to someone's life requires thought and understanding. We prioritise all service books to ensure they are delivered before the day of service.
All of our funeral books are custom made to lay out the order of service and also be a unique keepsake.

Where to start

  • When speaking with your loved one's funeral director they will direct you to a service book provider/printer. You can choose their regular service book provider or request a business of your choice. If you wish to use us, just let them know.
  • Call or email us and we will arrange a meeting with you. This can be at your place or our office.
  • Put together any photos, stories, poems you would like to include in the service book. These can be digital or hard copy. 
  • At this point you will have spoken to the celebrant. They will email the order of service directly to us. If you haven't spoken to the celebrant, just let us know and we can liaise with them.
  • After meeting with us we will then design a digital service book proof which will be emailed for your approval. You can make any changes at this point. If you require a hard copy proof, just let us know.
  • Once you have approved the design and quantity you can leave the rest to us. We will deliver the books directly to the funeral director the day before the service.


Design & Set-up - $65

A5 Colour Booklet - 4 page 
x 99 or less - 0.80c each
x 100-200 - 0.70c each
x 300+ - 0.60c each

A5 Stapled Colour Booklet - 8 page 
x 99 or less - $1.25 each
x 100-200 - $1.10 each
x 300+ - 0.95c each

+ Full colour gloss cover  - Add 0.60c each
+ Double sided, full colour gloss cover - Add 0.90c each