Hey I’m Sarah – founder of White Moth Studios.  I’m glad you’re taking a look around.  We want you to feel a sense of understanding when it comes to our gusto and belief in the way we approach design and print.

I wish I could say that I’m a creative through and through, though it’s only partially true.  In reality I’m half creative, I particularly love to draw – and the other half is purely functional.  This balance drives me to produce high quality work that is equally highly functional.  I have a commercial brain that allows me to strategically work with you to maximise your business opportunities through digital and website presence.  My training has been both locally and Sydney based where I grasped the basis of design and marketing.  With over ten years experience, I decided to launch my own business in 2016, initially trading as Studio Regional Marketing.  We’ve since grown in staff and services, which led to our rebrand as White Moth Studios in 2017.  I’m a born and bred regional NSW girl and moved to Tumut in 2015 – I love it here.  We service anywhere from the Snowy Mountains to the ACT.

Looking back over my years in design and marketing, I’ve worked with a multitude of clients in diverse industries.  This has allowed me to ponder the industry as a whole, and having a specific awareness has led me to strategically channel that experience into a really clear blueprint - one that our team executes with skilled simplicity.   We are award winning, and proudly took out the title of ‘2017 Tumut Regional Chamber of Commerce Business Award for Excellence in Small Business’ – we continue to consistently strive for excellence in everything we do.

As a team, we are a collective unit of highly skilled, motivated and genuine people who want to streamline the process for you.  Whether it’s a logo design, full website, signwriting or printing your designs, our co-ordination and project management is without a doubt, our point of difference.  Our timeliness when it comes to project delivery is also a strength that cannot be underestimated, when we promise, we deliver in a timely fashion and believe that to be and integral attribute – we don’t miss deadlines.  There’s no hierarchy at White Moth, it’s all about working in unison, playing to strengths and bringing each project together in a timely, streamlined and simplistic manner.

The inspiration that flows within our studio space generates a buzz of innovation.  The disciplined work ethic and production combined with solidarity of team spirit and friendliness is the breading ground of absolute quality every single time.  As a team, we hold each other to healthy accountability for quality, simplicity and timeliness.

White Moth Studios will show you just how easy it is for you to get on with business, knowing and trusting that we’ve got you covered.

Ben Buckman, Sarah Miller, and our beautiful award sponsor, Baby Levi's Mum, from Sureway Employment.

Ben Buckman, Sarah Miller, and our beautiful award sponsor, Baby Levi's Mum, from Sureway Employment.